Michael Hotka's
Binocular Variable Star Observing ProgramResults

My AAVSO Observer Code is HMIA

Submitted 23 observations to AAVSO on 12/14/2015. See uploaded file here.
Submitted 24 observations to AAVSO on 1/2/2016. See uploaded file here.
Submitted 17 observations to AAVSO on 1/28/2016. See uploaded file here.

Observations for My 24 Variables

Star Name Finder Chart AAVSO Chart
V UMI Chart X15627BN
PV PEG Chart X15627BF
EG AND Chart X15658KJC
V0370 AND Chart X15627AN
Z PSC Chart X15627BK
GO PEG Chart X15627BE
TV PSC Chart X15627BH
RHO CAS Chart X15627AS
V0465 CAS Chart X15627AR
SU PER Chart X15627BI
W TRI Chart X15658GUT
PSI 1 AUR Chart X15627AO
UU AUR Chart X15627AP
Y TAU Chart X15627BL
BU GEM Chart X15627AU
TV GEM Chart X15658KJL
BL ORI Chart X15627BD
BQ ORI Chart X15627BB
W ORI Chart X15627BC
R LEP Chart X15627AV
RX LEP Chart X15627AW
RV MON Chart X15627AX
SX MON Chart X15627AY
U MON Chart X15627AZ
X MON Chart X15627BA

I made observations of 24 variable stars over three nights about a month apart. The first two observations were from my backyard in Broomfield, CO, where I had to rely on my star hopping skills to find the variable stars to observe.

The third night was out near Deer Trail, CO, where the night was prestine and the stars were gorgeous. I had not seen so many stars in the winter sky for quite some time.

I was able to easily find my variable stars to observe, for the stars I used to star hop from my backyard were easily visible at Deer Trail. I also noticed that many of the variables I looked at this night were off color. Either pale white or had a red tint to them. This made them easy to pick out of the blue-white stars in the binocular's field of view. I had not expected this.


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