System Requirements
Deepsky works on any Windows operating system including 98,ME,NT,2000,XP,2003,Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8 (no RT), Windows 10. Deepsky will even work on a MAC if you are using the Parallels VM software on the MAC.

Deepsky works on 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows
512 meg of ram or higher is recommended. The more memory you have, the faster it runs.
The program files in Deepsky require approximately 400 megabytes of hard disk space. Images of deep sky objects and the NOMAD star database will consume about 10 GB, however these are optional.
Deepsky supports ASCOM compatible telescopes for automatic positioning of the telescope and for retrieval of the scope's current position. Click HERE for a list of supported telescopes.
For users with two monitors, Deepsky looks great on a dual monitor display! There's no better combination of having the Deepsky spreadsheet on one monitor and a star chart on the other as you plan your observations.

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