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Heavens-Above - Satellite Prediction Program

Sun/Moon Rise/Set Times for One Day
Moon Rise/Set Times for Denver, CO
Nautical Twilight Times for 2017
Nautical Twilight Times for 2018
Moon Rise/Set Times for 2017
Moon Rise/Set Times for 2018
Moon Phases - Monthly Calendar
29 Days of the Moon
Moon Display

Celestial Events Calendar
2017 Almanac

Local Sidereal Time Clock

Out Reach Links
Astronomy from the Ground Up - Online Intrepretation Forum
Sharing the Universe Resources

Night Sky Network
Skywatchers Pronunciation Guide
Ian Ridpath's Sky Tales
Constellations of Words

US Wind Map
Dark Sky Finder

Weather at My Favorite Observing Sites
My Weather

Jupiter Moon Events
Moon Events Date/Time

Asteroid Watching
Target NEO
Minor Planet Center

Sierra Stars Observatory Network
Sun RA Position - 2017

Meade LX200 Alpine Observatory Manual
DSS C-14 References
Sky Safari Manual
Argo Navis Manual

Database Programs
The NGC/IC Project - Nice Astronomical Database Program
The Sky Live - Current Solar System Summary
WikiSky - Interactive Aky Atlas
Solar System Ephemeris Generator - Get Asteroid Ephmeris
Hubble Legacy Archive - Find and view any Hubble Image
Digital Sloan Survey - Nice Picture Chart Maker
Extragalactic Database - NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
Weekly Bright Comets
- Weekly Information about Bright Comets
What's Up in the Sky - SkyHound includes Current Comets
Paul Asling's Close In Galaxy Finder Charts
Astronomy Log Finder Charts
Adventures In Deep Space
Colorful Double Stars

Star Parties I Have Attended
Texas Star Party
Okie-Tex Star Party
OzSky Star Safari

Organizations I Belong To
Denver Astronomical Society (DAS)

Longmont Astronomical Society (LAS)
Oklahoma City Astronomy Club
Little Thompson Observatory

Infrared Astronomers
Astronomy Funding
Inspirational Message

Useful Articles
How Faint can you See? - Article about limiting magnitude of your telescope
Conversions from Degrees to Hours-Minutes-Seconds
Measuring the True Field-of-view of your Eyepiece
Understanding Atmospheric Seeing
Collimating My Newtonian Telescope

Bee Keeping
Bee Keeping Basics
Denver Bee Keeping Supplier

Motor Home Maintenance


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