My Personal Equipment

8-inch f/8 Homemade Newtonian
Made Primary Mirror Myself

Mike CFS

At Pawnee Grasslands, December 2005

At Rocky Mountain National Park, July 2006

Binocular Mount

It was a Surprise Birthday Present

Replacement for Retired 12.5" f/8 Telescope

Retired After 37 Years of Fun

At Texas Star Party, May 2005

At Crow Valley Campground, March 2006

12.5-inch f/8 Homemade Newtonian
Coulter Optics Mirrors

See How it Got Assembled in the Field


Needed parts from the old scope for the new scope

Equipment I Used to Own

Couch Potato Observing Chair

Binocular Mount I Built

My Mel Bartel's Controller


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