My finished telescope was still a bit front heavy when fully assembled. The Servocat, Jr would easily pull the altitude down but unless I tightened the cable up more, it would not pull the scope back up in altitude. Instead of tightening the cable more, I added this 5 lb. weight to the back of the mirror box, July 28, 2011 once I got the scope setup for WUTS 2011. This weight did the job and balaced the scope nicely. I used the scope for the next two nights without the ServoCat failing to move the scope in altitude, one way or the other.

Then on Saturday August 6, 2011, I added threaded inserts to the back of the mirror cell so that I can use 1/4 inch bolts to fasten the weigh on the telescope once I get it transported to the dark sky site. This makes it a bit lighter to transport without this addition trim weight.