Product Features
Create star charts down to magnitude 17.5 ($29 download or $69 DVD version).
NOMAD, Hubble Guide Star, Super Tycho, and SAO star catalogs.
Hundreds of millions of stars.
750,000 galaxies, nebula, star clusters, and other objects.
Object information from 60 astronomical catalogs.
70,000 double stars.
30,000 variable stars.
410,000 images of deep sky objects ($29 download or $69 DVD version).
Import Wizard lets you expand the Deepsky database.
  Locating "Faint Fuzzies"
What's Up Wizard tells you what's visible at any time and location.
Easy to use filters and sorts pull up just the objects you want.
Use the Query Gallery to locate objects from many different types.
Locate objects by common name or designation.
Advanced search capabilities will locate objects by different criteria.
Query Builder constructs queries for you through prompts.
SQL EZ, an advanced query tool for SQL guru's.
Multi level sorting ability.
  Observing Planner
View object information in spreadsheet format or on a star chart.
Observing plan manager organizes all your observing plans.
Over 100 popular observing plans included and ready to use.
 Search and tag objects to create observing lists.
Determine when an object is best observed during the year.
Annotated Moon map with 100 features identified.
Annotated Mars map with many features identified.
What's Up Wizard tells you what's visible at any time and location.
Identify other objects near a given target object.
Cross-reference by Herschel and printed star atlases.
Log date,time,location,weather,equipment,rating,observing notes.
session notes,CCD info,images, and much more.
Personal observing journals-record observations in a journal format.
Advanced search options for finding logbook information fast.
Summary view of all your logbook entries.
Ability to group observations together in different logbook types.
Attach images and sketches to your observations.
Log observations using multiple methods.
1-Manual entry form.
2-Quick Click on an object in the spreadsheet.
3-Update log from your observing plan.
4-Mass update by date range.
5-Update during slide show.
6-Use the keyboard friendly outside log form.
Define up to 10 user-defined fields.
Define your own seeing and transparency scales.
Import logbook information from other sources (ie. NGP).
Reference a logbook that contains more than 3,000 observations.
View over 8,000 observing notes from other observers.
  Star Charts
Supports Deepsky and Cartes du Ciel star charts version 3.4.1 or newer.
Ability to limit objects by spreadsheet or observing plan.
Create less cluttered highly focused charts.
Charts can be displayed or printed.
Charts go down to magnitude 17.5 ($29 download or $69 DVD version).
Telescope pointer is superimposed on the chart.
Chart elements are fully customizable down to colors and fonts.
Nebula shapes, ecliptic lines, and Milky Way boundaries are included.
Telrad & eyepiece circles can be superimposed on top of an object.
3-panel finder charts show 3 chart areas of different fields of view.
Right click on an object to immediately center the chart.
Charts can be either black on white or white on black.
Telescope GOTO feature works while using the chart.
Images from Deepsky can be displayed while using the star chart.
Atlas print mode lets you print out any range of RA and DEC.
  Telescope Features
Supports all ASCOM compliant telescopes.
GOTO an object directly from the spreadsheet.
GOTO an object displayed on a star chart.
Slide show tours using objects from your spreadsheet.
Identify other objects near your current telescope position.
A telescope cross hair is displayed on star charts.
Sync telescope position to any object in Deepsky.
Telescope control panel (optimized for LX200 scopes).
Create AutoStar tour scripts from Deepsky observing plans.
  Solar System Features
Real time information on the Sun, Moon, and Planets.
Solar System Summary screen.
Data on 100,000 asteroids and currently visible comets.
Plot comet and asteroid tracks on star charts.
Annotated Mars & Moon maps with many features identified.
Dates of new and full moons.
Dates of meteor showers.
  Images and Imaging
410,000 images+.
View all images using the image gallery.
Store images in the Deepsky logbook.
Scan sketches or photos directly into the Deepsky logbook.
Supports over 30 image formats including JPG, BMP, TIF, Lead.
Enhance and convert images from different formats.
Includes basic image processing functions.
Produce high quality printouts.
Preview reports before printing them.
Messier Certificate Report.
Herschel Certificate Report.
Logbook Statistics (i.e. counts).
Customizable database and planner reports.
Objects observed by observing plan.
Star chart atlas print feature prints multiple charts.
Print star charts in landscape or portrait mode.
My Logbook Report.
Blank log sheets for manual logging.
  Additional Features
All versions include flash video training sessions.
Night vision color scheme for Windows.
Sync PC clock to Internet time server.
AstroBookmarks - categorized links to 500 astronomy websites.
Digital Sky Survey interface.
Auto logbook backup feature when you exit Deepsky.
Spreadsheet customization of fonts, colors, etc.
Blog it! Send observations to your personal blog at
Database catalogs used in Deepsky.




NGC 2000

SAC 8.1

Saguaro Astronomy Club Database version 8.1

Barnard's Catalog of Dark Objects

Barnard's Catalog of Dark Objects (Barnard 1927)


Catalog of Galactic Supernova Remnants (Chandra)


Catalog of Magellanic Cloud Supernova Remnants


Alignment Stars Catalog


Catalogue of Reflection Nebulae

VII 216

Catalogue of Southern Emission Nebulae


Yale Bright Star Catalog

I 209A

Catalog of 2900 double stars


Washington Visual Double Star Catalog

II 171

Parenago Catalog of Stars in Orion Nebula


General Catalog Of Variable Stars


New Catalog of Suspected Variables


Extragalactic Variable Stars


ESO Catalog Of Planetary Nebula

VII 103

Galactic Globular Clusters


Catalogue of Southern Stars embedded in nebulosity

VII 116

Southern Galaxy Catalog (SGC)

VII 136

Extra Galactic Database II

VII 140

Catalog of Galaxies Behind the Milky Way

VII 145

NBG - Nearby Galaxies Catalogue

VII 155

Third Reference Cat. of Bright Galaxies

VII 159

Catalog of galaxies towards the Coma SuperCluster


Starsbourg Catalog of Plan Neb

VII 51

Shapley-Ames Catalog of Bright Galaxies

VII 57

List of Globules


Dark Nebulae and Globules

VII 77

Isolated Pairs of Galaxies in the Northern Hem


Galaxies South of Dec -30, Obs Spectroscopically


Isolated Galaxies

VII 83

Isolated Triplets of galaxies


Groups of Galaxies. III. The CfA Survey


Compact Group of Compact Galaxies


Catalog of 2810 Nearby Galaxies


Nearby Galaxies


Catalog of Southern Peculiar Galaxies


Active Galaxies fainter than -23


Quasars Brighter Than absolute magnitude -23


Catalog of Southern Dark Clouds


Catalog of HII Regions


Catalog of Reflection Nebula


Uppsala General Catalog of Galaxies


Abell Cluster of Galaxies


Zwicky Cluster of Galaxies


Star Clusters and Associations


Morphological Catalog of Galaxies


Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies


Catalog of Dark Nebula


Hickson Catalog of Compact Galaxies


Lynds Catalog of Bright Nebula


Open Cluster Data 5th Edition


Fourth Cambridge Radio Survey Catalog


PGC - Catalog of Principal Galaxies


Southern Redshifts Catalog


Catalog of Seyfert Galaxies


Shakhbazian Compact Groups of Galaxies


Galactic Supernova Remnants


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