Complete Software Suite of Observing Tools

Deepsky Astronomy Software (for all Windows versions including 10) is a collection of observer friendly software tools designed to make your observing sessions more fun and productive.

Some of the things Deepsky can do for you include :

1) Display objects that are visible tonight at your location.
2) Create star charts and other finder charts down to magnitude 17.5.
3) Full integration with Cartes du Ciel 3.4.1 and later.
4) View photographs of galaxies, nebula, and other objects (over 410,000).
5) Log your observations or enter them into your observing journal.
6) View real-time information on the Sun, Moon, and Planets.
7) Read observing notes from other observers - over 8,000 included.

This is no average planetarium software folks! Deepsky packs an enormous wealth of features all integrated together in one low cost solution that works seamlessly together. The software is written with the observer in mind and is very easy to learn and use. Its simple, yet powerful features, will help make your time under the night sky more enjoyable!

Ever hear the phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words?"

With Deepsky Astronomy Software, there's a picture for thousands of deep sky objects in our database. Over 410,000+ images are available ($29 download or $69 DVD version)! So when you are looking through the Deepsky database or viewing observing lists, you'll almost always see an image for any object there. It's an incredibly simple, yet powerful feature for software in this price range.

Enjoy your Night Time Observing

Start with a Plan! It's much easier to find what you want to look at inside where you have good lighting than it is outside in the dark. A little prep work beforehand using Deepsky Astronomy Software will go a long way to making your observing sessions fun and productive.

Plan it, Observe it, Log it!

Whether you're looking for the Whirlpool Galaxy, or tracking the next famous comet, Deepsky's integrated easy to use tools will ensure you are right on target to see these wonderful sights.

Have a Celestron, Meade, or ASCOM compatible "GOTO" Telescope?

Let Deepsky Astronomy Software take control to automatically find interesting objects to look at! With the click of a mouse button, your telescope will locate the object placing it in the center of your eyepiece. How easy is that?

Your first time

Imagine the fun and excitement of locating your first galaxy or nebula using your telescope. With its log book and journal, Deepsky Astronomy Software will store that wonderful night's observations forever. It will even keep track of any notes, photographs, or sketches you make.

It's educational

Whether you are learning about constellations, deep sky objects, or treasure hunting the many features on the lunar surface, Deepsky's suite of easy to use tools will jump start your knowledge of the night sky.

Excellent customer service is a top priority for us. When you buy one of our products, you get free professional lifetime technical support by the person who actually created the software.

Extensive Database Environment

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Deepsky's spreadsheet screen is the perfect way to find interesting objects to observe. There's a tool called the What's Up Wizard that displays objects that are visible at your location at any given time. Simply answer a couple questions and a customized observing list will be loaded into the spreadsheet for your review.

Observing Planner

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Add focus to your observing sessions by creating an observing plan. Plans are simply a user defined collection of galaxies, nebula, star clusters, planets, comets, and other objects. Before you go out and observe, create a simple plan that contains the objects you want to look for. You can create star charts and other reports to aid you in your quest to locate them or if you have a computerized telescope, you can use Deepsky to locate each object in your plan automatically.

Observer's Logbook

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As you are observing, it's nice to be able to keep track of what you see. Deepsky's log book and observing journal make it easy to record your notes, sketches, images, and other information. Deepsky includes an OBJECT OBSERVED filter which allows you to filter objects you have already seen from being included on observing lists. This is a great way to ensure you are always looking at new things.

Star Charts

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A star chart is a map of the night sky which is used as a reference when locating objects. Just like points of interest on a map, objects from your observing plan show up in various constellations on the chart. To locate an object in the night sky, use the chart to find the constellation that the object is in. Once you recognize the constellation, simply compare the object's location on the chart to the night sky. Typically you will flip back and forth between the sky and the chart until you get it's approximate position. From there you can align your telescope to that position and scan the area using the finder scope. This is called "Star Hopping".

Best of all, with one click, you can transfer your observing plan onto a chart showing just the deepsky objects in your plan. Using a Deepsky star chart, you will always have a clutter free star chart that is tailored to the objects you want to observe.
Solar System Information

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There's plenty of information available in Deepsky's arsenal of tools. Deepsky calculates information for the Sun, Moon, Planets, Asteroids, and currently visible comets. You'll always know what phase the moon is at and when it rises and sets. This information is invaluable when planning an observing session because when the moon is out, it makes it harder to see fainter objects like galaxies.

Image Processing

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Deepsky is all about images. Having images for all your objects to confirm an observation has never been easier. In fact, Deepsky supplies over 410,000 detailed images of deepsky objects. These images are not only in standard JPEG format and can be copied to your hard drive, but are fully integrated into the software so you will have many access points as you use the Deepsky.

For example, to view an image, right click on any object in your observing plan and select OBJECT DETAILS. Instantly, an image of the object along with all of its important information will be shown on your screen. Now it's easy to confirm an observation while viewing the object through a telescope because you will have an actual image there with you.

In addition, Deepsky's powerful image processing functions lets you enhance your images and convert them to different formats.

Internet Features

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Deepsky utilizes the internet to bring you digital sky survey images, and the ability to sync your PC clock to a highly accurate time server.

 ASCOM Telescope Support

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With computerized telescopes dropping in price, it's becoming incredibly easy for someone with little experience to locate objects in the night sky. When you join Deepsky observing plans with a computerized scope, you will be able to easily see many objects in a short period of time.

Other Features

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Many other features await you! Whether it's night vision mode for your laptop, or integration with Cartes du Ciel, you will have nearly all the computer based tools you need to observe the night sky.


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