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I got into the hobby seriously 2 years ago and bought my first real scope at that time, a Hardin 10" dob. For my first year I was using free shareware programs available on the web but they never seemed to fill my needs being a star hopper. I had thought about other programs with more features than the freeware but the prices were way out of line and instead of buying a program I would rather buy eyepieces.

Then I noticed on our clubs web site that there was a link to Deepsky and I checked it out. It seemed to have everything I wanted and needed as a dob owner and star hopper. The price seemed too good to be true and I decided to try it out.

All I can say is this program has it all; if you need it for your observing sessions chances are Deepsky has it. What makes it the best is that Steve listens to his customers and adapts the program in new versions or updates to even further better an already GREAT program. I have recommended it to numerous people in my club. This program was made for the Astronomer meeting any possible needs one could have and on top of it the price is within anyone's budget.

Paul Duguay

Steve - Just wanted to send a quick word of praise for your amazing Deepsky software. It's one of those packages that just opens up into new surprises every time I run it. It shows in every corner the attention and care you have lavished on it over the years. Kudos galore! I'm going to purchase a larger HD for my laptop so I can get all the images on there. Am still thinking about trying to create something like Deepsky for the UNIX/Linux platform. One day ...

Glenn Becker

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